The most trusted hormone monitor

Mira* is the world's most comprehensive fertility tracker on the market and the only at-home fertility monitor to use quantitative technology.

*Mira is FDA-compliant. FSA/HSA eligible.

What is Mira?

Mira is a smart hormone tracker for women that monitors their key fertility hormones. It offers easy-to-read charts, ovulation predictions, 6-day fertile windows, and ovulation confirmations - all from home.

Clinical look

99% accurate, lab-grade hormone readings in 21 minutes

Mira helps women discover their fertile and infertile days by measuring:

  • Luteinizing hormone (LH)
  • Estradiol metabolite (E3G)
  • Progesterone metabolite (PdG)
  • Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)

The Mira App then uses powerful AI technology to analyze hormone test results, learn the user's unique hormone patterns, and translate their results into numerical hormone scores with  99% accuracy.

How it works


mira step 1

Step 1

Dip the test wand into urine for 20
seconds — expect to test 15-20 times per cycle.

mira step 2

Step 2

Insert the wand into the Mira Analyzer and wait 21 minutes for results. Once complete, results will automatically sync with the Mira App.

mira step 3-1

Step 3

The Mira App's advanced algorithm provides accurate and personalized cycle analyses, hormone levels, and 6-day fertile window.

Provider Dashboard

Using Mira's Provider Dashboard, patients can grant providers access to their Mira results remotely to enable a more informed conversation about their reproductive health.


mira dashboard

Mira for integrative and functional medicine



Take a holistic approach to reproductive health

By providing personalized data about patients' natural hormone and fertility levels, we help you treat irregular cycles, hormone imbalances, and infertility more holistically.


Supplement serum and other hormone tests

Fill in the gaps between lab tests by leveraging Mira's at-home, real-time hormone readings. Use these to add even greater insight to your treatment plans. 


Help patients manage PCOS and irregular cycles

With Mira, you can easily monitor the progress of PCOS management plans. Use the Mira Dashboard to check ovulation dates and daily hormone levels.

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